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As the leader among real estate development and management companies in northeastern United States, The CRS Companies™ offers a comprehensive package of high-quality design/build services that work together to create award-winning, aesthetically pleasing and functional properties of distinction.

What makes The CRS Companies unique is its commitment to planning and developing every project from the perspective of the customer, or owner. The CRS Companies employs a detail-focused process of development and management, geared to optimize the project to produce the desired results. The goal of every project is to develop and build it on schedule; within budget, and to have it function as originally desired. This process is The CRS Companies' strength.

For example, how would this process of development be applied to the issue of finding/acquiring land for a commercial project? First, the team at The CRS Companies would thoroughly survey the client as to the purpose and end-use of the property, including the type of business, number of employees, need for future expansion at the site, price/value ratio, and specific "mandates" that the client may have (urban vs. suburban location, free-standing vs. industrial park, etc.). Next, The CRS Companies would review their own portfolio of land to determine whether a suitable match exists. If not, The CRS Companies would begin a search for appropriate land, taking into consideration the following for every parcel under consideration:

  • Has the land under consideration ever been developed before?
  • Can the structures on the property be renovated yet retain their current use (e.g., office to office; laboratory to laboratory; medical to medical)?
  • Can the structures be renovated and changed for a new use (medical to office; office to retail, etc.)? In other words, The CRS Companies will determine the feasibility of the land/structures relative to the intended use.

This process of development can be applied to any situation – office, warehouse/distribution facilities, retail, big box stores, multi-family structures, residential subdivisions, and single-family homes. The CRS Companies has the expertise and the experience to use this process in the successful development of your project.

The CRS Companies offers a comprehensive package of services for virtually any design/develop- ment/construction need, including:

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Evaluation and acquisition of site
  • Right-to-build approvals
  • Financing procurement and capital structuring
  • Program management
  • Design management
  • Construction management
  • Property management

The CRS Companies provides service to companies looking to have facilities specifically designed and constructed for their use on a lease basis or will act on behalf of the owner to provide required development services for a fee.

Services provided in site evaluation and acquisition and approvals includes site identification, evaluation and selection, acquisition negotiations, feasibility studies, site soils/ environmental evaluation, site design, securing governmental approval and permits, thereby culminating in obtaining the "right-to-build."

The CRS Companies is uniquely qualified to assist its clients in identifying appropriate capital sources, preparing loan applications, and negotiating with lenders to obtain capital necessary for projects on the most competitive rates.

Regarding construction management, The CRS Companies will create a project plan on a component-by-component basis and prepare estimates, schedules and bid documents, which result in awarding of contracts for construction services. The CRS Companies retains the role of construction manager to maintain control of the construction phase, providing daily management of contractors to maintain cost, schedule and quality.

The CRS Companies offers a turnkey approach to the development process. This service is especially valuable to companies without in-house real estate expertise or where a company's personnel and other resources are not available to fulfill the intense requirements to take a project from conceptual stages through occupancy.

The CRS Companies manages and operates The CRS Companies-owned buildings as well as property owned by clients. The CRS Companies maintenance supervision, tenant relations, property supervision and repairs, operations budgeting and accounting, and leasing.

Let our expertise make your project a success.

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